Classes Offered

Swaddled Prepared Childbirth brings the class to you!  All classes are taught as a private session in the comfort & privacy of your own home.

You are free to register for a class at any point when it’s most convenient for you.  As a guide, most women take childbirth classes between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy & breastfeeding and newborn care classes around 30-35 weeks of pregnancy.
You can click below to learn more about the various Swaddled classes offered.  Save $50 when you take more than 1 class on the same day.  On each class page, you will find the Private Session Registration Form to register.  After looking at what classes are offered, if you find yourself wanting to take a “hybrid” class (a customized class that contains cherry-picked information from several of the available classes), please also use the Private Session Registration Form, and just indicate on the form that you want a Hybrid class.  The rate for private instruction Hybrid classes is $160/hour (rounded up to the nearest quarter hour). Please note, an additional 4% processing fee will be applied to payments made via credit or debit card.

**Click on the class names below to find out more information!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or (5 one 2) 6 five 3 – 6 zero two 2.

Totally Prepared

Learn in great detail the things you need to be totally prepared for a natural childbirth using the Lamaze philosophy. Lamaze education and practices are based on the best, most current medical evidence available and promote a natural, healthy, and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting.

Fast Track

Specifically tailored for mothers who want to take a condensed childbirth class -OR- those who have already had a child and just want to brush up on information they may have forgotten.

I Love You, Baby

Baby care basics to prepare you to take care of your little one in the first few weeks after taking him or her home from the birthing facility.

Hospital 411

Aimed towards women who plan on having a hospital birth and using pain medications (i.e., epidural anesthesia).


Breastfeeding basics to get you set up for success, from the first latch!

If you need to contact Kristen on the day of your class, please DO NOT email.  I won’t see the email in time to be of any use.  Instead, please TEXT me at (5 one 2) 6 five 3 – 6 zero two 2 for day-of communication.