Comprehensive Childbirth-  Available only in Private Session ($210 + mileage)

Not hours of “Lamaze breathing techniques”; this class covers the following topics in depth, using the Lamaze philosophy:

  • physiology
  • terminology
  • true vs. false labor
  • stages and phases of labor with video
  • positions for labor and birth
  • relaxation & comfort techniques
  • role of the labor support person
  • physical and emotional aspects of labor, delivery & recovery
  • pain management options
  • medical interventions
  • common hospital policies and procedures

…and more

Private session/ in-home pricing is as follows: $210 + 60 cents per mile, round trip, from 401 TX-71, Bastrop, TX 78602. Privates last about 3-5 hrs depending on the amount of dialogue generated by questions, etc. Use the Private Session Registration Form located here.


Note: Cancellations for a refund must be made via email at least 48-hours prior to the class.