“Lots of great advice that reassured me that I can be a lot more in charge of my labor than I would have otherwise realized.” -Kepler

“Kristen’s class helped me feel empowered to make the choices I want during labor and delivery. I appreciate getting the perspective of a nurse that currently works in the hospital.” -Katrina

“I have had two previous pregnancies and therefore two previous Lamaze classes. Kristen was the best! I learned more in this class than ever before. She’s the best.” -Ty & Danny
“I really appreciated the conversational quality of your class. It wasn’t too clinical & medical-ee. Great sense of humor.” -Anonymous
“Kristen was excellent and answered all questions & concerns with enthusiasm and knowledge.” -Toni
“Very informative. Excellent class. Best investment we’ve made for our unborn child.” -Katy
“Kristen answered all of our questions!” -Emily

“Kristen provided beneficial info while keeping our attention! She did a great job of presenting the information.” -Ryan & Stephanie

“Kristen always had a solid answer for questions asked to her by the class.” -Alex

“I feel much better prepared and confident.” -Julianna

“Kristen was very knowledgeable and kept the class interested and humorous when appropriate.” -Montoia

“Second baby; second Lamaze class. I feel I have learned more with this class.” -Anonymous

“Kristen made the class very enjoyable. She was able to easily explain everything.” -Aimee

“Kristen eased my husband’s concerns!” -Maria & Xavier

“Very eye-opening in a positive way. It was awesome.” -Beth & Brad

“I liked Kristen’s no-nonsense way of explaining things. She is relatable and real, knowledgeable and fun.” -Victoria

“I really like how much the birth partners were involved.  I feel confident about how to handle labor. Kristen was amazing ( knowledgeable, honest, straight forward).” -Sheila

“Informative and entertaining. A+++.” – Anonymous

“Great job. Very please we came!” -Cecilia

“Awesome instructor, so informative, relatable, and fun.” -Cindy

“I was so happy with Kristen and this class!” -Tom

“Instructor is AMAZING!” -Anonymous

“I enjoyed Kristen’s energy and expert information.” -Ferranda

“Good use of humor. Great that Kristen has actual nursing experience.” -John

“I absolutely recommend this class to my expectant friends. Kristen was a great teacher, very funny and very real.” -Sharm

“I feel like Kristen gave a more honest and educated presentation than any other resource we’ve encountered. I am very glad we came!” -Danielle

“Kristen is awesome! Very energetic and funny! Two thumbs up!” -Lauren & Jerry

“Her relatable personality and style of teaching made this class very enjoyable. We’re really thankful we were referred to her by friends!” -Betty

“Kristen’s passion for the material was apparent and infectious.” -Anonymous

“Overall, I feel much more at ease after attending this class. Thank you Kristen!!” -Oksana

“Very funny and helped to relieve some of the fears I had about birth.” -Anonymous

“Thank you, Kristen. Your class was very informative and your delivery of material was easily understandable. Best money spent- feel very comfortable now.” -Maria

“Very efficient class. Never felt any unnecessary information was given.” -Anonymous

“Love Kristen!!” -Karla

“We really enjoyed her patient-first teaching style.” -Anonymous

“We found this class to be very informative. Kristen is very personable and has a great sense of humor.” -Terrence & Gloria

“Kristen was fantastic!” -Ashley

“Kristen was amazing! Great job and great class. Thank you for making it informative and fun.” -Ashley