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Testimonials from past participants of Swaddled classes…

“This class was truly a life saver. My husband and I were clueless to most things being this is our first child. Kristen really took the time to explain everything we needed and wanted to know. She is so personable and kind and easy to follow. It was an interactive class even though it was a private class. She kept us engaged and made me as a soon to be mom feel SO encouraged and empowered to feel confident about my birth plan. I now know that I can advocate for myself and I few great going into the birth! We also learned a lot about breastfeeding. This class was so worth it. Please take this class!!!!” -Amber M. 06/22/20

“My wife and I wanted to get a more intimate class where we felt our questions would be answered and we’d get that personal attention to all of our specific needs. As a father to be, the session provided by Kristen was educational, eye-opening, and tailored to our situation. There was so much good information provided that really helped us understand what to expect, what we can do to help ease the birthing process, and also proper breast feeding techniques. Kristen is also a big advocate of patient rights and I feel so much better prepared for what we can request and what to expect when delivery time comes around. After our session, we had friends who recently had a baby, and the father relayed all of the things he had learned after the fact (and things they wished they knew beforehand). Practically everything he noted, Kristen had gone over and educated us on during our session. What an incredible relief! If you’re interested in doing a more private class, we highly recommend Kristen!” -Jonathan D. 03/02/17

“Kristen came to our home for the “Totally prepared” class. It was worth every penny – I think an extremely reasonable cost for having complete one-on-one attention. She answered every single one of my questions, gave complete explanations for every answer and didn’t leave me wondering about anything. While I know childbirth isn’t going to be easy, I’m not scared anymore and I feel confident in myself and my knowledge. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is even a little nervous about giving birth, and anyone else who wants to have complete, rounded knowledge of the subjects she teaches on. -Carrie L.  02/15/17

“My husband and I took Kristen’s Totally Prepared childbirth class in anticipation of the birth of our first child. Upon completing the series, my husband and I felt confident in navigating the various scenarios of childbirth. We also learned how to best pursue a natural birth in a hospital setting. Equipped with the right information, my husband was an awesome support person and I had a great birth experience. I highly recommend this class to anyone expecting.” -Jillian G. 03/18/15

“I had a great time with Kristen! I found the class very helpful and informative. She came to my house and did a private lesson, it was awesome. After the class i feel a lot more informed and confident in my birthing plan. Since she is a registered nurse I feel more comfortable in the information. My husband also feel a lot more confident with his role and the whole labor process. Very good!” -Megan K. 03/15/15

“My wife gave birth to our first child a little over a week ago. I was her only support during a natural childbirth and I felt prepared and somewhat calm through the process. I knew what to expect and had some great techniques that helped her get through the process. The classes were informative and Kristen was funny and friendly during them. I strongly recommend this class over any of the non informative cattle calls held at doctors offices.” -Derek J. 02/07/15

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Additional testimonials from past participants of childbirth classes taught by Kristen…

“Lots of great advice that reassured me that I can be a lot more in charge of my labor than I would have otherwise realized.” -Kepler

“Kristen’s class helped me feel empowered to make the choices I want during labor and delivery. I appreciate getting the perspective of a nurse that currently works in the hospital.” -Katrina

“I have had two previous pregnancies and therefore two previous Lamaze classes. Kristen was the best! I learned more in this class than ever before. She’s the best.” -Ty & Danny

“I really appreciated the conversational quality of your class. It wasn’t too clinical & medical-ee. Great sense of humor.” -Anonymous

“Kristen was excellent and answered all questions & concerns with enthusiasm and knowledge.” -Toni

“Very informative. Excellent class. Best investment we’ve made for our unborn child.” -Katy

“Kristen answered all of our questions!” -Emily

“Kristen provided beneficial info while keeping our attention! She did a great job of presenting the information.” -Ryan & Stephanie

“Kristen always had a solid answer for questions asked to her by the class.” -Alex

“I feel much better prepared and confident.” -Julianna

“Kristen was very knowledgeable and kept the class interested and humorous when appropriate.” -Montoia

“Second baby; second Lamaze class. I feel I have learned more with this class.” -Anonymous

“Kristen made the class very enjoyable. She was able to easily explain everything.” -Aimee

“Kristen eased my husband’s concerns!” -Maria & Xavier

“Very eye-opening in a positive way. It was awesome.” -Beth & Brad

“I liked Kristen’s no-nonsense way of explaining things. She is relatable and real, knowledgeable and fun.” -Victoria

“I really like how much the birth partners were involved.  I feel confident about how to handle labor. Kristen was amazing (knowledgeable, honest, straight forward).” -Sheila

“Informative and entertaining. A+++.” – Anonymous

“Great job. Very pleased we came!” -Cecilia

“Awesome instructor, so informative, relatable, and fun.” -Cindy

“I was so happy with Kristen and this class!” -Tom

“Instructor is AMAZING!” -Anonymous

“I enjoyed Kristen’s energy and expert information.” -Ferranda

“Good use of humor. Great that Kristen has actual nursing experience.” -John

“I absolutely recommend this class to my expectant friends. Kristen was a great teacher, very funny and very real.” -Sharm

“I feel like Kristen gave a more honest and educated presentation than any other resource we’ve encountered. I am very glad we came!” -Danielle

“Kristen is awesome! Very energetic and funny! Two thumbs up!” -Lauren & Jerry

“Her relatable personality and style of teaching made this class very enjoyable. We’re really thankful we were referred to her by friends!” -Betty

“Kristen’s passion for the material was apparent and infectious.” -Anonymous

“Overall, I feel much more at ease after attending this class. Thank you Kristen!!” -Oksana

“Very funny and helped to relieve some of the fears I had about birth.” -Anonymous

“Thank you, Kristen. Your class was very informative and your delivery of material was easily understandable. Best money spent- feel very comfortable now.” -Maria

“Very efficient class. Never felt any unnecessary information was given.” -Anonymous

“Love Kristen!!” -Karla

“We really enjoyed her patient-first teaching style.” -Anonymous

“We found this class to be very informative. Kristen is very personable and has a great sense of humor.” -Terrence & Gloria

“Kristen was fantastic!” -Ashley

“Kristen was amazing! Great job and great class. Thank you for making it informative and fun.” -Ashley