Condensed/Refresher Childbirth-  Available only in Private Session ($175 + mileage)

This class is a condensed version of Totally Prepared.  It is very fast paced and not nearly as much time is set aside to practice positions, comfort measures and relaxation techniques.

Topics include:

  • physiology
  • terminology
  • true vs. false labor
  • stages and phases of labor with video
  • medical interventions (pain medications, epidurals, episiotomy, fetal heart monitoring, vacuum/forceps, c-section)

Private session/ in-home pricing is as follows: $175 + 60 cents per mile, round trip, from 401 TX-71, Bastrop, TX 78602.  Private lasts about 2-4 hours. Use the Private Session Registration Form to sign up.


Note: Cancellations for a refund must be made via email at least 48-hours prior to the class.