Fast Track

Condensed/Refresher Childbirth

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This class is a condensed version of Totally Prepared.  It is fast paced, and we do not spend time practicing labor and birth positions, comfort measures, and relaxation techniques.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • physiology;
  • terminology;
  • true vs. false labor;
  • stages and phases of labor with video; and
  • medical interventions (pain medications, epidurals, episiotomy, fetal heart monitoring, vacuum/forceps, c-section, etc.)

It takes a minimum of 2.5 hours to get through all of the content for this class; however, most often, the class takes longer. The actual length of your private session can vary (i.e., it could take more time) depending on the number of questions you have and other discussions that may develop related to those questions.  Use the Private Session Registration Form to sign up.

If you need to communicate with Kristen on the day of your private session, please DO NOT email (I won’t see the email in time to be of any use). Instead, please TEXT (5 one 2) 6 five 3 – 6 zero two 2 for day-of communication.