Breastfeeding Basics…

Call for Private Session Pricing

Save $50 when you take more than 1 class on the same day.

In the privacy and comfort of your own home, you will learn:

  • breastfeeding anatomy and physiology;
  • best chances of a successful first feeding after delivery;
  • establishing your milk supply;
  • positions/techniques;
  • length & frequency of feedings;
  • how to tell if baby is getting enough;
  • common problems; and
  • community resources.

It takes a minimum of 2-2.5 hours to get through all of the content for this class; however, the actual length of your private session can vary (i.e., it could take more time) depending on the number of questions you have and other discussions that may develop related to those questions.  Use the Private Session Registration Form to sign up.

If you need to communicate with Kristen on the day of your private session, please DO NOT email (I won’t see the email in time to be of any use). Instead, please TEXT (5 one 2) 6 five 3 – 6 zero two 2 for day-of communication.